No thermal paste on GPU

Hello, I'm using a geforce 8600GT.
After two years of overheating and fan cleaning I've discovered that my thermal paste has gone dry. I cleaned the chip and now I'mm looking to cover it again with the paste. The problem is that I have to use the card before I'll buy the paste. Can I use the card when the chip is touching the copper heat transformer directly?
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  1. "I have to use the card before I'll buy the paste", what do you mean by that statement?
    You can damage your card if you continue using that card without the thermal paste...
  2. I now. The thing is it's a holiday in my country, and I'll be able to fix the whole thing only it two days. can I use the card until then?
  3. might be fine for light workload, just don't play any games without paste....

    I wouldn't....
  4. I never play games without paste. :)
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