My stock 2000Mhz Ram unstable on X58 board. WHY?

I keep getting BSOD after 1-2hour from any game. WoW, CSS, NFS.

My motherboard is GB-X58A-UD5 rev 1.0 (with F6 BIOS, latest non beta, Windows 7 64bit Ultimate), PSU Seasonic 750X gold and i7 930 processor on stock but the RAM won't run stable on 2000Mhz, X.E.M. Profile 1 has it on 2002.

In fact I changed the BCL to 143x14 for the ram to make it EXACTLY 2002 and 143x20=2860 for the CPU (still close to 2.8 stock, using intels stock fan at full with no paste I never go over 50idel temp). This made it more stable but it's still unacceptable.

Any advice?

NOTE: It's a Patrior Memory PC3-16000 (2000MHz) 9-9-9-27 (on Ram sticker) G-series heatspreader. Not a highend Viper Extreme, even tho it has better latencies then it
Makes me a bit sceptic. The viper probably has a 1t Command rating tho.
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  1. Try clocking back to 1600 to see if your rig stabilizes. Not all memory is created equally and may not run at its rated speed in all configs.
  2. I reset my bios and used stock for everything with RAM profile1... 133BCL

    Then I ran Memtest86+ v4.2 while I watched a movie with these settings (this is what the bios program read).
    Chipset: Core IMC (EEC:Disabled) - BCC 133Mhz - QPI:4.7GT/s
    Settings: RAM:931Mhz(this is x2 so 1862 aka BCL 133x14)
    CAS: 9-9-9-26 Tripple Channel

    Wall time - 2h 40min
    Catched - 6143M
    RsvdMem - 4K
    MemMap - e820
    Cache - on
    ECC - off
    Test - Std
    Pass - 3
    Errors - 0

    ECC Errs - N/A

    Memory SPD Information
    -slot0:2048MH PC3-8500 (PDP System) 200EL Series *
    x -slot1:2048MH PC3-8500 (PDP System) 200EL Series *
    x -slot2:2048MH PC3-8500 (PDP System) 200EL Series *



    BIOS settings (All on 133xauto)
    x14 RAM Frequency = 1862Mhz
    x26 Uncore = 3724Mhz
    x36 QPI = 4.788GT/s (2394Mhz)

    2.5 Uncore to 1QPI RATIO (in Mhz)
    2 Uncore to 1RAM Frequency RATIO (in Mhz)

    Since those ratios ran very stable I'm starting to think the dotpoints below are incorrect
    -Uncore should always be below QPI
    -QPI link speed should not be raised over 8GT/s (4000Mhz), I belive this one cuz patriot memory warns about that too
    -8:9 Uncore vs QPI ratio is ideal, the closer you get to 1:1 ratio the more unstable.
    -DRAM speed must be in (or as close to) 1:2 DRAM vs QPI ratio as possible (probably true) or less to QPI link speed.
    (I can't link the guide that claims this cuz I saved it from a laptop).

    BIOS Voltage Tab remeber these values show with all on [AUTO]
    1.150V QPI/Vtt Voltage
    1.8V CPU PPL
    1.1V QPI PPL
    DRAM (all AUTO)
    1.5V DRAM Voltage
    0.75V for all other DRAM V options (seems like it enjoys a 2:1 ratio)

    Advanced Memory Options (All AUTO and X.E.M Enabled with Profile1)
    Out of Standard, Turbo and Express or whatever... it was selected on Standard
    Profile DDR Voltage 1.65 is displayed (Since Advanced voltage bios has a different number of 1.5V I don't know what it used during Memtest86+)
    Profile QPI Voltage 1.6 (again, I don't know the real value it really used here, for everything else I do)
    xChannel Interleaving 6 Auto
    xRank Interleaving 4 Auto

    Channel A/B/C Timing Settings

    9 CAS
    9 tRCD
    9 tRP
    27 tRAS (26 in Bios M.I.T Current Status and CPU-Z)
    Advanced Timings
    50 tRC
    6 tRRD
    8 tWTR
    15 tWR
    27 tWTP (25 in M.I.T)
    8 tWL
    8 tRTP
    30 tFAW
    COMMAND RATE (CMD) 2 (I have option 0 to 3 here if I want to change it, will 0 be faster then 1? I know 1>2)

    Reads by Reads
    6 Different DIMMs
    5 Different Ranks
    1 On the same Rank
    Writes by Writes
    6 Different DIMMs
    6 Different Ranks
    1 On the same Rank

    Under M.I.T it says
    tRAS 26, tRRD 6, tWTP 25 AND t104
    So once again it's hard to tell what it actually used from Profile1 in the stability test.

    THATS IT! Makes me belive there is nothing wrong with the RAM. But maybe my motherboard has a cry if I want to use it at 2000Mhz (GA-X58A-UD5 rev1.0 claims to be 2000 compatible up to 2200Mhz with the board OCd from their own site).
    So ya. I'm at a loss.
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    The best memory guy on Tom's is jaquith. I suggest you contact him directly for more help. Good luck!
  4. Just send him a private message with a link to your thread.
  5. Thanks a lot. Me too ;) (found his name while answering another person).
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