Asus P5G41T/M

Hi all

I have a friend's PC here, how can I know if the motheboard is toasted. I have tested the PS in one of my system and it works, tested the memory and it looks ok.

I have remove the mobo from the case and plug the PSU, the green light on the Mobo lights up but nothing powers up. I have tried jumping the pins, nothing either. There is a speaker installed on the mobo and there is no beep. There is nothing else plug to the motherboard beside the 24pins + 4pins and the cpu fan.

Can you help me.
Thank you
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  1. If you're breadboarding it you will still need to connect the psu 24 and 4 pin connecters as well as the cpu, at least 1 stick of memory in the correct slot. Having a video card on hand will be nice while trouble shooting incase it's the onboard video. Once you connect all that and turn it on what does it do and what doesn't it do? There's a handful of tests so we need to know where to start. Since you tested the psu from his build can you put another psu on that board just to test that part.
    And how did you test the memory and it "looks ok" ?
    If the board doesn't power up completely it might be the cpu. If it's bad the board won't recognize it so it won't power up. Have you tried going into bios? Also, unplug from the wall and remove the cmos battery for about 10 seconds. Reinstall, plug back up and try turning it on again. Any Results?

    Or you can buy a NEW BOARD HERE for $64
    And a Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz / 1M / 800 LGA 775 CPU Processor SL7KJ for $9
    And both of these come with a 30 day warranty.
  2. Ok ill try to explain the best I can.

    I have installed the memory in my other computer and it booted up and recognized the memory.

    I did try all test with the 2 psu I have on hand.

    When breadboarding I did connect the 24 and 4 pins and the cpu fans but nothing happens the cpu fans dont even run. I have tried with one stick of memory same result. I do not have a video card on hand but since the mobo dont power up not sure I need one at the moment.

    I can't try to go in the bios as the mobo dont power up at all and I did removed the battery and change the pins to reset the mobo.

    and for the new board thats what ill buy if its the last option but here is cheaper :-) Here
  3. It does sound like the motherboard needs replacing.
  4. Thank you Suteck

    Last question, the motherboard was installed less than 1 month ago and was working fine until my friend plug an old external hdd into the usb port, you know those old Hdd that need to be plug in the wall, when he plugged it, the PC shut down and died. I personnally suspect the power outlet in the wall to have blown the PC. You think he can return the MB for replacing since its still on warranty? Even if I know it was his fault :-)
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    Always try that first but they usually charge for shipping and sometimes both ways so make sure you take that into account when deciding which route to take.
  6. Thank you Suteck
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