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This is my first post and I need advice as I am on a loose budget. Lightning took out my RJ45 hook up and has caused other issues not CPU or memory related. I can still link to internet via wireless. My Intel 7300 o.c. @ 3200 is quick and stable but I cannot replace the mobo and get the same features at a price I want to pay for "old tech" say $90.00. I can go down to 4gig ram on a new Intel mobo and still use my chip and ddr2 ram. Would it be worth it to go to a new AMD triple or quad core AMD3 with ddrr3? I have looked at Tom's charts and can not find an exact gaming comparison between my 7300 oc and say an AMD Rana or Propus which I would also oc. I am looking to stay under 200.00 U.S. Would 4 gigs ddr3 =6gigs ddr2? I am looking for game speed and download/upload speed and am on high speed internet. thank you, MW
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  1. If only your network port died you can get an PCI or PCI-Express Network card and just plug it in.

    What are the other issues you are experiencing? That 7300 isnt overclocked much, you probably have another 500Mhz in there,.

    You want to stay under 200 for Motherboard, CPU, and RAM, but have it perform better or on par with a E7300?

    I would put your E7300 @ about the same speed as a E7600 in this chart.

    From there you can judge what will give you more performance. An Athlon II x4 Would be a decent upgrade, as you are adding two more cores. If you get the right motherboard you can reuse your older DDR2 RAM so you can strech your buget more for a better CPU, Like a Phenom Black Edition
  2. I thought of that but there are other random crashes that were not there before the storm. Plus in for a penny in for a pound if I can add $150.00 to the price of a good NIC card and get newer mobo and cpu tech I am willing to do so. Basicly it is older core2 duo oc. and ddr2 vs newer AMD3 and ddr3. for game playing and to get rid of random crashes on and off internet. So a Rana or Propus would be a quicker gaming chip?
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    Propus would be better, as you have 4 processing cores, As I said before some AMD motherboard still support DDR2 so you could reuse them and save ~50-60 bucks. Or you can buy new RAM with the new config and it will be much more affordable to upgrade in the future
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  5. Thank you Snipergod87. I'm going to go with Propus and ddr3 the wife can have my ddr2 . Now to look for prices and free shipping!
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