Motherboard problem or graphics card problem.?

i have an EMAXX 785G FXN motherboard which supports PCIE 2.0 @ 16x..before, my 5770 was being detected by GPU Z that it is running at PCIE 16x @16x..but after i updated my drivers to 10.8, it was running at PCIE 16x @ 4x only..

i've tried updating my driver to 10.9, but it wasn't resolved..i also tried rolling back into 10.6 and reseating my 5770, but it did not fix the problem..please help!!! TT___TT
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  1. Try updating the motherboard drivers and get back to 10.4.
  2. Yes, update your mobo drivers, uninstall current driver, boot from safe mode, use Driver Sweeper to get rid all the remaining of driver, install 10.3 or 10.4, that's the most stable driver for now...
  3. hmm..i tried using driver cleaner on safe mode..then i installed 10.9 catalyst..nothing happened..GPU Z still says PCIE 16x @ x4..

    umm, i'm kinda noob at these things, can you give me some step by step instructions.?i'm currently downloading the drivers for the mother it necessary that i download it from the manufacturer or from AMD.?
  4. Wait, GPU-Z says PCIE 16x @ x4, this is mean you aren't properly mounted the card, re-seat the card until GPU-Z says PCIE 16x @ x16. :)
  5. is there any kind of trick to get to put the card into the slot.?can't seem to get it right..
  6. well, just take it out and plug it again until GPU-Z says x16...
  7. oh well..i sold it for $120..and the buyer was satisfied (i hope).. :D

    anyway, thanks for your help guys..javascript:%20validform(this);
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