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Hey Toms Community !

Need some quick simple advice on upgrading my current gaming PC, to start off, the specs are:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.88 @ 3.00 Ghz
GPU: GTX Nvidea 9800+ Black edition
RAM: DDR2 Kingston 2gb
Mobo: Asus P5QL-E
PSU: Arctic Power 700W

So, ive never had a problem with this PC, but its in some dire need of improving (for Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Cod B.O)
My thoughts are to:

SLI the Gtx 9800+
Put in a Quad core (not sure what socket or which quad)
Change the Mobo so i can have DDR3 Ram

Any thoughts on these improvements or your own ideas ?

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  1. Buy a decent cooler for the e7400

    set the fsb to 333 [ 1333MHz ] and the chip will almost certainly run well at 3.73GHz

    Your motherboard has an intel chipset and cant SLI two nVidia cards .
    So IMO replace the card you have with either a Radeon 6870 or a GTX 460 1 gig .. depending on price and on your monitor resolution which you dont mention

    if you have a 64 bit OS also consider upgrading the RAM to 4 gig , but if you dont then dont bother
  2. If i was to get any of your stated GPU's, will these bottleneck the GPU ?
  3. CPU*
  4. Newer generation cpu's are faster , but this is becoming less important and GPU's are the limiting factor in recent games
    I would think either of those midrange cards will not be bottlenecked by an OC'ed e7400
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