How do you wipe the computer clean??

how do you wipe everything off your computer??
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  1. Some 409 and a rag. I've also have success with some orange cleaners but you need to use more elbow grease.

    If you mean your harddrive its called format. If you don't know this you might want to get some help before you start messing things up badly.
  2. To help us understand, what do you want to do? Erase everything off your computer? So no one can recover stuff? Or are you trying to get a fresh OS install?
  3. theres still program that i want to delete but everytime i delete it i can't go online. So i decided to restart my computer fresh.
  4. Well if that's all you want to do, then just pop in your OS disk and install everything again.
  5. I've had good luck just using a garden hose to blast out the crud from my computer. Works like a charm.

    But no seriously, just use Dr. Delete if you need to delete a file or program and it's locked. Otherwise just go and reinstall windows, and when you do that selection the option to "delete partition" (make sure to delete the windows partition after you've backed up your data) then format and create partition then install windows.

    Bam. Done.
  6. make sure from another clean pc you download the mb chipset drivers..sound and ethernet drivers/wifi drivers or you wont be able to get online. also try not to eat next to the all fun and games till you turn the keyboard over and crud falls out...
  7. whats Dr. Delete??
  8. You mean cleaning hardrive, registry or everything that can make your pc run faster?

    Try to search here dude

    Hope it can help you

    Good luck
  9. shadow2895 said:
    theres still program that i want to delete but everytime i delete it i can't go online. So i decided to restart my computer fresh.

    All you needo do is disable all startup programs except or the antivirus (Start\Run or Search bar\type "msconfig" (no quotes) press Enter, go to the Startup tab \ unckeck all processes except the antivirus. Next delete the program with "Revo Uninstaller" and after that restart the computer, and if necessary; Reset the Internet connection and repair the Winsock with "Complete Internet Repair" (Winsock Repair Tool). Up to here may be all you need to do... but read the following just in case.

    It still you don't have access to the Internet, scan the computer for malware with "Malwarebytes Antimalware". If still nothing, scan the computer for virus... If either security program found malware or virus, disable System Restore and scan again, then follow with resetting the Internet connection and repairing the winsock, restart the computer, an see if the problem has been solved... if nothing still, you can now formatt the hard drive from the installation disk and do a clean installation... a Repair installation may do, so if you don't mind doing two possible installations, first see if a repair installation fixes the problem.

    Revo Uninstaller

    Complete Internet Repair

    Malwarebytes Antimalware
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