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I am attempting to change the output connector on a 48VDC power supply. The power supply for my older TopLayer firewall bit the dust a week ago. I can get another from TopLayer but they want way too much for it, soo ... I found a similar power supply for testing purposes. Unfortunantly this power supply is too large to fit inside the firewall chassis.

I have tested the working power supply with my multimeter in hopes of correctly labeling the pins so I can properly wire up the output connector of a new 48VDC power supply I found online. The results of my testing can be found on a web page at:

Please take a look and help me determine how to correctly label my working DIN connector - which will help me understand how I must connect the output cable to the internal connections of the power supply.
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Okay, try to understand that there may be a level of integrity at stake. If you TRULY understand what you are doing, go for it but with caution. We are not responsible for anything bad that happens.
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