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My setup is as follows:- Main ADSL modem / router (switch) IP address configured as DHCP server with address range The office machines are configured with fixed IP ( not in the same address pool of course ) and hard wired to this router.
I also manually assign the DG of to those machines.

A wireless access point ( Router ) is connected to provide Internet access for guests in a separate area. This router is NOT configured as a DHCP server. Wireless authentication is turned off.
Normally, guests when they connect automatically quite correctly get assigned the DG which is

I have a second backup ISP for use when the main one is not working. This connection is always on and is provided via another adsl modem IP It is a simple job to manually edit the hard wired machines in the office ( there are only 3 ) with the DG of if I need to switch them across .

However, I am seeking a solution to enable a setting on the wireless access access point in the guest area so that I can make a simple setting in that device in order that the wireless guest clients get routed to the working ISP via

There are currently no settings on it so it is obviously getting the settings from the principal modem on

I attach a screen-shot of where I think the setting needs to be made within this wireless access point.
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