Connecting to WPA-PSK using SMC2802W

Hey guys,

I searched the forums and found some similar threads but unfortunately they were outdated and I was unable to find any useful information.

I currently got a new modem, and it has a WPA-PSK encryption. I have an old computer which my father uses which has an SMC2802W PCI card (99-012084-164), and the computer is currently running on Windows XP Home Edition, SP3. Although the SMC2802W PCI is suppose to be compatible with WPA, I cannot connect, nor find a way to connect to a WPA encryption.

I am currently the SMC2802W 54 Mbps WLAN Utility (Driver Version and Application Version to try and connect and have also tried to use the regular Windows wireless connection, both which have failed.

I know it is an extremely old wireless card but was hoping someone had some useful information! Thanks in advanced
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  1. Try them all. I had an older adapter that would only connect to a wpa when it was set to wep.(go figure)
    Verify the password as well, I've spent time troubleshooting a typo as well.
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