Problems with (e:) dvd drive disabling randomly

I have a problem with my dvd drive, randomly disabling, as in randomly disappearing from "my computer" when the computer has been on shortly or for some time. I have 2 dvd drives and both dvd drives work, they are both atatched correctly to the motherbaord by sata cable. One is labelled e: and the other f: The e: drive on my computer is disappearing randomly, sometimes i put in a dvd and play it and it crashes after playing for sometime, then i go to "my computer" and notice that the dvd drive e: (it is all the time e: and never f: ) has vanished from the screen. Even though the drive has vanished from the screen i can still eject and close the drive by touching the button. This has happened with each re-installation of my computer, due to different reasons not concerning the drive problem. Is there sometimg wrong with my registry (reg.edit) causing it to do this? Is my drive corrupted, or needs to be installed better on the motherboard by the sata cable, despite i think it is pushed down firmly? Thankyou in advance for your help.
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  1. Try pluging the drive in to a different SATA port and see if it behaves the same way

    But I suspect the drive itself has an intermittent fault
  2. if it is a fault then no bother; as they only cost me £15 and even less. So far today, the drive hasn't disappeared, it stays for sometime and disappears regardless to whether i put a disk into it or not.
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