Which is a Better Card?

I have narrowed down the possible card i want to 3 cards. Which one im going to choose depnds on Three factors (In order of importance)

- I need a good durable card that wont easily overheat/ burn out
- I need a card that preforms well in 3d Modeling Applications such as 3ds MAX and Maya
- I need a card that will run games well

Here are the three cards I am Looking At:

Card 1 GeForce 9800 GT
This one is the cheapest of the three and is also one of the higest on the hierarchy chart for its price. I'm mainly choosing this one because if its price.

Card 2 GeForce GTS 250
This is the NVIDIA card at the top of my price range. I had NVIDA before so i dont think there will be compatibility issues here but people did complain that it ran hot.

Card 3 Radeon HD 5770
This is the ATI card at the top of my price range. It has better specs for the price but im worried about compatibility with my computer.

I am sure that i will get one of those 3 but at the moment i don't know which. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. What is your resolution?
  2. The best card from 3 options above is HD5770 (absolutely).
    You are good as long as you have a fast CPU... :)
  3. My resolution is 1920x1200

    I have a Intel dual core 2.66GHz CPU

    EDIT: I am prefering the ATI card over the 3 as it has the best specs but compatibilty is holding me back on it. Would i have any issues swtiching to ATI form an NVIDIA?
  4. In that case, try to spend a little more like 20 or 30 bucks more and get the GTX 460.
  5. 5770 can be bought for $130, its $50 more to get cheapest 460, or am I missing something?

    Among the three options in OP. 5770 is the obvious choice, I don't think there will be any compatibility problems.
  6. A GTX 460 would be a better choice for gaming at 1080p.
  7. What dual core?
  8. People... be wary before you jump into the discussion of which video card is best for 3DS Max... if you have no experience in optimizing for it... are you aware of...

    Nividia's problemed, crippled down drivers? it seems that while the GTX4xx series are powerhorses for gaming (and they are FERMI to boot) - their drivers are crippled when used in some workstation applications, such as 3DS.

    in fact, it is so bad that gt9800 1 gig cards outoperform them. significantly.

    Read this:


    quoted from the thread on performance of 480:

    "I can confirm that the new 400 series cards from Autodesk DO NOT play nicely with 3DSMax or other pro-level 3d graphics applications. Word from Nvidia is because these cards are targetted at gamers, and that they will not be addressing these issues. Should you want improved performance to match that of their previous generations of cards, you will now have to get a Quadro based card. My new GTX 470 cards performs slightly worse than my old 6800 GT, and about 1/4 of the speed of my old 8800 GTX. I used the BMark4 test scene and these were my results. Both tests were run at 1920x1200 with the Direct3D renderer."

    Toms also did a article on the crippling here, a year ago when the 280 was contemplated as a "workstation" card:


    It is not enough to know your numbers, if you aren't currently working on a 3ds machine optimized for that use, please do not assume your current knowledge set is suffice to make system suggestions.
  9. I would get the new GTS 450 for Direct x 11 support.

    Here's a cheap one for 120 bucks.


    9800gt is a nice card though i had it and it was good. Personal reference, i would pick one of the two. They're about the same.
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