External hard disk unplugged while formatting

i have a Buffalo External Hard Disk HD-PCU2, i was formatting the hard disk to NTFS using Disk Management but suddenly the Disk Management Not Responding and when i was trying to do the same process my laptop hanged ... can anyone help me
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  1. A more clear explanation of the situation would help. Does windows respond at all? Because if Windows functions normally you should just be able to go into disk management (Start > right click My Computer > left click Manage > select Disk Management ) and reformat the hard drive in question once more.

    Even if you stopped the format mid-way the drive should be fine. It just didn't get to finish the format and as long as you didn't lose any data (which it sounds like you didn't) it's no biggie, really.
  2. The Windows didn't respond at all... just the disk management won't load if i plug in the external hard disk.
  3. So Windows didn't respond when the incident happened, but it works now as long as you don't plug in the external hard drive?

    How old is the external drive? It's possible that it died mid-format. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen a hard drive die like that.
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    One thing you could try is to get yourself a Linux Live CD and try to format the hard drive from Linux. The Linux Live CD runs directly from the CD so it won't do anything to your windows installation.

    More information can be found here:

    (EDIT: Obviously, if you use the linux live CD make sure not to accidentally format the hard drive that has your Windows installation on it - you will lose all your data if you do that.)
  5. i'll try that..^_^, for ur info the Disk Management finally detect the drive after a long wait :(, but i'll try the Linux Live btw. Thanks for the reply :)
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