Opinions on Partial New Build

Approximate Purchase Date:...Complete in the next few weeks.
Budget Range:......................£1100 - £1400
System Usage:......................See below
Parts Not Required:................None
Preferred Websites for Parts:..ebuyer, dabs and scan are the first places that I look at prices, but I'm not fussed.
Country of Origin:..................UK (London).
Parts Preferences:..................See below.
Overclocking:.........................Maybe - probably mild OC-ing.
SLI or Crossfire:....................No.
Monitor Resolution:................---
Additional Comments:............See below.

Components bought:
Processor: i5-760
Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D-E Deluxe
HDD: 1TB SpinPoint F3
Memory: 2x2GB Crucial 1333MHz CL9 (CT2KIT25664BA1339)
Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 512MB GDDR5
Optical Drive: Samsung SH-S223
Speakers: Genius

Components under consideration:
(ie. I've researched them and am waiting for an opportune moment to buy them)
SSD: Crucial C300 128GB.
OS: Windows 7 Professional

Components Still to be considered:
Cooling (Case and/or CPU)

Hi all,
I wanted to get some feedback on my build.
This is my first build and the primary aim is to end up with a computer that is really good at doing normal things.
I'm not much of a Gamer, but I think this is mainly because I've never really had much time or serious hardware, so I'd like the computer to be capable of mid-level gaming, but also quite a lot of programming.
Since this is my first build I've spent a lot of time researching each component, and I've had a list of the components I've chosen and have bought them in fits and starts any time I see one of them going as a good deal.

Most of the components that I do have and still in their packaging, so first off are there any really glaring errors that I've missed compatability wise.

Next, are there any components that stick out quality wise?
I have a components in mind there, but I'd like to know what other people think without biassing their response.

Next, is there consensus on the best place to go for a PSU calculation?

Next, is the Anandtech LCD Monitor Thread still useful? The original posts don't seem to have been updated for nearly a year, and since there are 300 pages I don't intend to trawl through all that to find out if there are newer large posts. So, is the information in it still relevant, and are the recommendations still useful?

Does anyone have any other comments?

Thanks for your time,
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  1. A 500 watt psu will be more than enough

    Do you need the features of Win 7 pro? If you dont need remote access and the xp virtualisation then why pay for it?

    LCD's models change regularly . The reviews on sites like newegg can be helpful , but you cant really beat seeing one IRL
  2. Yes, I specifically want Pro for RDC (So that I can get back in whilst at work)

    Certainly, I'll be going to look at monitors IRL, but I'd like to do the relevant research online first, so that I know what I'm looking at when I arrive at the shop
  3. Not sure a 128gb SSD is quite necessary. Ebuyer have a 60gb SSD (which should be more than enough) for roughly a hundred quid, 250+ MB/s read/write speed. Other than that, the system looks decent.

    Case... Antec 300? It's fairly cheap, decent cooling, and can fit everything in. I'd agree with a 500w PSU.
  4. I certinaly agree that 128GB of space is more than I need.
    But ...

    I think 60GB is slightly too small - Whilst it will be plenty for the OS itself, I'm not convinced that it will cope with a couple year's worth of programs installed or it.
    I could just buy a 60GB and replace it in 3 years time once it's more-or-less full but I'm not hugely keen on the hassle of replacing an OS-Drive (the last time I tried to clone a drive I failed miserably).

    So not a 60GB disc.

    I think really I want about 90GB. Unfortunately the C300 doesn't do anything between 64 & 128. (If it did I'd buy it like a shot!)

    I've looked at the brands and models that are available at 90-100GB and they're either more expensive that the C300 128GB (I think I saw OCZ Vertex 2 100GB for ~£230) or has rather lower performance (pretty much everything else).
    Since 'doing everyday stuff incredibly well' is the central goal behind this build I figured that an SSD was the best place to put my money.

    So that's the logic I've used.
    Does it stand up?
    or should I be having another look at Drives in the 80-100GB range?
    or is there a better way to spend the £100?

    Thanks for your help :)
  5. A quick look on ebuyer revealed these two hard drives:



    Despite being 3.5", they're cheaper than their 2.5" counterparts, cheaper than the C300, but still a decent amount of space. Read/write speeds are 285/275 on both, read speed is a little slower, but still more than adequate.

    My current SSD has 180MB/s read and 100MB/s write, and I boot in perhaps 15-20 seconds, including the time taken to boot the bios.
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