Which is a better choice?

I was wondering which will be a better choice in the long run?

A 64GB SSD for caching or a 128GB boot drive?

Caching will allow me to get a tangible performance boost on a huge number of applications as well as games at a time whereas boot drive will give me give me supercharged performance on a couple of applications and games.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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  1. The 128GB boot drive gives not only the advantage of not needing to wait for data on it to be cached, but you can also allocate some of its space for caching if desired. The 64GB cache-only drive option excludes this dual-functionality. If the drivers are pretty much equal in every way besides intent and capacity, I'd go for the 128GB drive.
  2. I did not quite get the second part of allocating the rest of 128gb

    i mentioned in the long run because i intend to install a lot of programs which is going to take up much more space than 120gb and a don't have a budget for 250bg drive.

    thanks again
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    If 64GB is only enough for you to use as caching, but 128GB can be used for a boot drive, then you can also use some of the 128GB drive for caching like you would have done with the 64GB drive. For example, lets say that you only need 64GB of the 128GB drive for boot drive purposes. The other 64GB of it can be used as a cache (or any other capacity of it that you deem better if you want to), giving you the best of both the boot drive and cache worlds. Do you understand now?
  4. ok got that now.

    but i don't know how to allocate a part of the same drive for boot as well as cache.may be i am being too much of a noob.....but i just want to be sure before i make the purchase.

    does intel rst allow that??

    or any other software is available?
  5. Intel RST does allow that (although only up to a limit of using 20GB of cache IIRC) and there is a lot of other freeware that does it too.
  6. can you please name some of the best ones for me

    it would be of a great help to me
  7. Sorry, it's not my area of expertise :( I'll look around and see what I find and I'll almost undoubtedly come up with some examples, but I don't know if they'll be the best.
  8. ooh that is totally fine even if you can't.

    I have another small question.
    what is this IIRC?

    I'll stick to intel srt if you are not sure how others perform.its tested and proven so I should be good.
  9. IIRC= if I recall/remember correctly

    Sorry that I couldn't be of more help.
  10. oh that is not right.
    you were more than just helpful and I really thank you for that.
    thank you so much.
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