Need help on choosing msata converter.


Recently i bought new desktop system for myself, and while building i overlooked one thing about SSD's. The problem is i bought myself fine Intel SSD/SSD 525 Series120GB mSATA 6Gb/s SSD and MSI Z77 motherboard, which so happens doesn't have build in mSata socket slot, so i need to buy mSata to Sata converter now, but i have no idea which one of them fits best. I found some US manufacturer Micro Sata Cables, which offeres such products as :

but i have no idea which one does fit me, cause well i imagine they haven't updated the descriptions, cause they don't mention if it's going to be working with Intel 525 series. Another thing it's U.S manufacturer and i am based on Lithuania, so the shipping is going to take more time. So maybe you could even suggest any manufacturer or seller from uk ? :D


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  1. Here is a link for mSATA to SATA adapters available at Amazon in the UK:

    The Renice and the Runcore adapters will work with your ssd.
  2. thx for the answer.
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