OC'ing PNY460 SLI with odd results - advice?

Hey all.

My base system is:
I7-870 oc'ed to 3.9ghz
Asus P7P55D-E Pro
850 XFX Black psu
2x PNY GTX460 765mhz/1850mhz base
nv 258.96

My question is this, in 3DMark06 I can only get increases in my score if I OC my CPU. If I OC the GPUs, the score actually goes down but the system doesn't crash at all.

3.5ghz CPU Stock GPU - 23158
3.8ghz CPU Stock GPU - 25618
3.8ghz CPU 795/1925 GPU - 25600

This continues until I go back to 765mhz on the cards. Am I doing something wrong? Are the cards flaking out even though they aren't crashing and just don't like anything higher than 765? Also, I noticed that my temps never rise above 65 if I OC the cards. That seems somewhat normal for 460s but it doesn't really change from 765's max temp of 62.

Any advice on what I'm either doing wrong or shouldn't be doing because the cards are maxed already? Thanks!
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  1. See if there is noticeable differences when in game, benchmarks are synthetic and have little bearing on real world performance.

    I hate to mention the 'B' word, but i honestly can't imagine it being a bottleneck considering the prowess of both the cpu and the combined power of the two gpu's.
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