Hdd light, no power light, no signal, system will not POST

I recently replaced, what I assumed was a bad PSU (PSU started smoking, bad noises, etc. then finally no POST). Now when I power on the pc, my CD drive light is on, my hdd light is solid on, but I get no POST beeps, and no signal to the monitor.

the CPU fan is running, but the system will not shut off with the power button (I have to switch the switch on the PSU). I'm currently @ work, so I can't give you exact system specs. I know it's an MSI mobo AMD CPU, but that's all I know off hand. Any suggestions, or troubleshooting ideas?
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  1. Hello and Welcome to Tom's!
    There's a good possibility that a psu going out like that took some other components with it.
    Carefully inspect the mobo for damage and pull the cmos battery out or reset if you have that button.
    Resets the bios.
    Try it again.
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