What to do for getting data from raw external hard drive

i have seagate backup plus 1tb hdd
suddenly with use of a software which makes usb bootable i gave an option to format,
unknowingly the drive selected to format was the HDD insted of my pendrive

but fortunately the software application itself was in HDD so as application was running it show error that it cant format

but since then the HDD is a RAW,
not showing partitions that i made on it
and demands format before i can use it
in properties also it shows 0 bytes
chkdsk in cmd is also not working for it

is there any soltution i can get my data back as it is

i thnk disk was not formated
bt don't know why its not showing up

i tried in linux also
but linux doesnt even detect the drive

if any one has any idea please help !
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  1. Try partition recovery software. This one is free: http://www.easeus.com/partition-recovery/
  2. No, I dont think raw hard drive will be readable.
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