Budget Gaming Rig... Again....

Hello guys, I bet you are sick of reading these posts but after hours upon hours of reading, I still have questions without answers.

My primary use for this PC will be WoW. I plan to play some FPS in the future but as of right now the only game I have time to play is WoW. I am playing at 1080p right now and I want to be able to max out all settings and still be at a reasonable frame rate, even in Dalaran. OF course I'm on a budget but since some of the components were bought at reasonable prices (the MB was free) I can be a little flexible with the GPU.

I have already purchased some of the components for this new rig.

Athlon IIx4 640
MSI 785GM-P45 MB (Free w/CPU so this is the one I'm using.)
Antec 300 case
OCZ ModXstream 700w PSU (overkill I know but you never know down the road...)
Gskill 4GB 1600 ram (ripjaw)
Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HDD 7200rpm
Sony Optiarc DVD

Now here are my questions. I want to be able to use ultra settings @1080p and have no stuttering at all in WoW. I had pretty much decided on an XFX 5770 but after a ton of reading on here, it seems that at that res the 5770 might need to have some of the eye candy turned down. I don't want to have to do that after building a new rig. So looking at the current prices, I can move up to a 5830 for only $45 more. Is the 256 bit memory going to net me enough performance to justify the price increase? Are there other cards that I should look at instead? I am not able to CF as the MB doesn't support it. I am also open to suggestions on any of my gear, save for the case, CPU and MB. My preferred price for the GPU is under $200. Cheaper is better but for a big gain in performance, I'll put up the cash.

Thx in advance.
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  1. In the tests i read, there is very little difference between a 5830 and a GTX 460, in some tests the GTX 460 actually bested the 5830 (real world games, not benches).

    So in this case, get the GTX 460 as its cheaper and will perform up to a more expensive rival.


    Oh and downgrade that RAM to 1333 instead of 1600 as there is very very little performance difference between the two and downgrading will save you a bit of cash. Change that PSU to a 650W Corsair HX, still good for SLI/crossfiring with the level of cards you are using.

    There you go, hope this helps.
  2. Both GTX 460 768MB and 5830 are priced around $180. So they are both good buy.

    I haven't read a review that tests WOW, so I don't really know which is better.
  3. Sorry for the double post, just realised that the 5830's are actually a lot cheaper than i had them in my mind!

    If you can get a 5830 for significantly cheaper than a 460 then i'd go with the 5830, sorry for going back on myself there!
  4. its wow... i run a 512 meg 8500gt and can play all settings maxed btu shadows set low. i've built reigs with a 5770 for friends and a single 5770 will do 60 fps in ultra but in cat that might not be the case as there will be engine changes supposedly . i'd suggest going ati for the hybrid crossfire with the onboard gpu, the 5830 could probably run wow cata in ultra but thats a educated guess knowing wows past and likeing to keep system specs low
  5. cirslevin said:
    Both GTX 460 768MB and 5830 are priced around $180. So they are both good buy.

    I haven't read a review that tests WOW, so I don't really know which is better.

    When looking at those two, i'd go for the 5830, higher frame buffer.

    Either will do WoW really well though.
  6. Here is the ram I was thinking about. It isn't any more expensive than the 1333 that's why I like it.


    This is the XFX 5830 I was looking at. $169 after rebate.


    I chose the power supply cuz it was cheaper too. Is the corsair hx worth $50 more?

  7. coz and corsair are both exellent psu i prefer corsair myself and they ten to review a bti better but usually only by a few tenths of points
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