Disc drive that is somewhat reliable for under $20 from Newegg?

Will this
support windows 7? I know it saays supports windows vist but people recently bought it.. maybethey run vista or xp.. idk. but if it doesn't then can you point me to one that is under 20 dollars that is somewhat reliable.. only REALLY need i to read games maybe burn a few dvds or cds
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    Yes any SATA DVD/RW will work in Win7.
    An IDE OD will work if you have the connections on your board.
    I actually have that unit in one of my rigs.
    Honestly they're all pretty much the same brand wise.
    This is a better deal.
  2. Wow, the Egg has been raising prices. My preferred drive used to be $17.99 and now it's $19.99 like the ASUS.

    I've used this CD/DVD burner for years without problems, and I just bought another one for my Sandy Bridge system. The reason I initially chose it is that MaximumPC magazine recommended it for one of their low-cost builds. I haven't regretted the choice.
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