Nvidia 8400m gs - win7 32 - advent 5401

Have just done clean install of win 7 (vista crash wouldn't recover!) graphics is defaulting to standard vga. Updates identify correct graphics card and installs ok, until the reboot when it hangs at the win 7 logo. I have also tried driver with modded inf file, this also hangs on reboot.
I have directx 11 installed, don't have nvidia control panel and do i need any extra drivers for wddm. I'm probably missing something really obvious so any help gratefully received.
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  1. Download the latest drivers from Nvidia's website (if you haven't already done so) and install those, not just the ones that windows will give you (they are generic drivers).

    My other suggestion is to try the system with another graphics card to see if the incident is isolated to the one you're having problems with.
  2. It hangs on the reboot of any nvidia driver, downloaded more than one and off the original vista driver disk. This is why i'm wondering of a direct x conflict - can i / should i have a previous version? or if another :??: driver or patch is needed in addition to the gpu driver :??:
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