Msi vs evga 460

well i want 460 sli (well i actually want 480 sli lol) but thats just a wet dream o well.

im looking at the msi hawk and the evga

the hawk is what it is we all know that story but it has a clock of 780 and oc to 920-980ish right?

the evga has a clock of 850. now hows the oc head room on that card it comes pretty high as is but can it go any higher??

quick edit went to the evga sight they have 2 at 850 mhz blower and regular new egg dosnt have the blower model at that clock

so any info on either would be nice
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  1. Reference coolers can only do so much, so finding a card shipped with that stock level of OC with a reference cooler, or even one that blew outside, would be difficult I think (shooting from the hip here).

    Any higher clock and you'd have to go into liquid cooling or an aftermarket air VGA cooler, and in either case, increased voltages to the GPU which can void your warranty in a heartbeat.

    Also, slight biased recommendation, go with the EVGA.
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