Have I chosen the right motherboard?

Hello, I am planning on upgrading my desktop computer and I've searched a bit on the net
for a new motherboard and I have settled on Gigabyte GA-P67A-D3-B3. I believe this would
be the best choice for my budget (150$). The price on newegg is 100$, but in my country the
prices are ~50% higher.

Have I made the right choice? If not, please suggest similar Motherboards at the same price range
(~100$ on newegg).

The mobo must:
have usb 3.0
have sata III
be good for overcloacking

ati crossfirex (not mandatory)

I will use the core i7-2600k processor on the mobo.

Thank you in advance,
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  1. look in the tom'shardware's article on 2011 motherboards for more reference
  2. those are 2x more expensive than what i have.
  3. what's your budget?
    You should've told it at first
  4. I think you can consider asrock z68 pro 3.it has got the latest chipset
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