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Does Cooler Master(or any other company) make a Transparent Side Window Panel for the HAF 922 case?
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  1. yes they do... check the newegg site

    under the overview video you can see the transparent window as the second feature point... there is no difference in price whether you choose a window side panel or fan side panel...

    There are also DIY side window mods available in sites like
  2. I haven't been able to find it.
  3. c'mon... the pic is there... see the below picture; i have marked the transparent window in red...
  4. It's not a transparent window "exactly".The side panel that it comes with is a mesh window.I was talking about a plastic transparent window that doesn't have mesh.
    Something like this...

    I was thinking i might be able to buy the Cooler Master Storm Sniper window.Their are almost identical case's expect the Storm Sniper is 1" taller.But i guess that might not work.
  5. OK... you might need something like this

    i cant find a north american online store but the above show you that it exists...

    and it is sold separately in europe
  6. Yah thats what i was looking for.Good Job on finding that,now theirs proof.Now i just need to find them in the US.Checked on amazon,haven't found any there.
  7. Ask coolermaster... if they have it in europe on their own shop why not in the states...

    Also the storm sniper window ALMOST fits on the 922... just the thumbscrew wont fit in...
  8. Just the thumbscrew?You could always drill a hole.
    I was comparing them and the Storm Sniper is 1 inch taller.Thought it might be more difficult than just a thumbscrew...
  9. NEwegg did have the RED version with the window but it is currently out of stock.

  10. This looks like it will fit.Only off by MM's.

    HAF 922 specs.

    L 22.20" x W 10.00" x H 19.70"

    Looks pretty close to me.what do u think?
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    its just the thumbscrew holes will not line up... it will fit in the grooves properly... check it out in a local store before buying it...
  12. purple stank said:
    This looks like it will fit.Only off by MM's.

    HAF 922 specs.

    L 22.20" x W 10.00" x H 19.70"

    Looks pretty close to me.what do u think?

    Don't think so -- It is for the Cosmos 1000 which according to this last pic here is 23.54" x 24.72 x 10.47"
  13. So my best bet would be to get the Storm Sniper window?
  14. dont go by the size of the case... go with the size of the side panel... storm sniper side panel dimension is (D) 21.06 x (h) 17.64... i cant find the dimension for 922...
  15. In theory it should be the same size.

    Just measured it
    HAF 922=

    H 21.2"
    L 17.6'

    Looks identecial,ur measurements are from the Storm Sniper Panel?
  16. this might give you some solution i guess...
  17. i read somewhere that it was just the thumbscrews that were not lining... check it in person before taking the plunge...
  18. Yah i just went over to newegg and read some reviews for the side panel of the Storm Sniper and seems like 5 people are using it with a 922.Looks like a good deal.

    Thanks for all your help.
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