Unknown Hard Error BSOD leads to Google Chrome crash

I have a high power gaming desktop that is functioning well (brand new) for almost a month now.

Today I was running google chrome and Microsoft Excel. The only external device attached is a Western Digital hard disk via USB 2.0

Suddenly the hard disk clicked (perhaps because of the sudden stop) and I got a unknown hard error. I didn't note down the code. I restarted the computer with reset button and everything else except Google Chrome was fine (including temperatures). Google chrome first of all wouldn't start at all, after reinstalling it would start but continually go in a loop as if it is searching for something and no pages would load.

I did some research and found rootkit infection. Using kaspersky tool, I cleaned the rootkit trojan - http://support.kaspersky.com/viruses...?qid=208280684

Google Chrome still didn't work. Then I right clicked on the shortcut and changed the compatibility to Windows Vista SP3 and since then it has been running fine.

Malwarebytes is actively running, and so is Avira AntiVir antivirus program, both rendered useless by the rootkit trojan because Kaspersky found it. But that apparently didn't solve the chrome problem. Chrome was reinstalled but in vain, until compatibility was switched. I was fine before the Blue screen.

Ater a couple of hours, I unchecked the compatibility run in Google Chrome shortcut properties, and it worked fine. And next day it happened again! This time I noted down the error and it said c0001252 unknown hard error. I started the tdss rootkit killer and it detected the rootkit infection again! And google chrome stopped working, failing to launch.
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  1. Folks, any replies? At this moment, I have uninstalled Google Chrome because it seems to be the backdoor for this trojan and the BSOD.

    I am running IE 9 and using Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011. So far so good.
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