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Hey guys I got a question. I want to know if a HD 4350 will be good enough for a HTPC. built a new rig in January and I got my old mobo and C2D laying around I want to send my girl my these parts along with a low profile card that would handle blu ray movies and HD rips. I see that newegg has a 4350 for $35 bucks.

So will this card handle blu ray? Please no "spend "x amount more and get x card" I just want to know if this card will play blu ray. I'm not using this for gaming at all so I don't care about performance.
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  1. Its good enough for BluRay. http://www.anandtech.com/show/2630

    But if you gonna build it in Jan, the price of other products may change by then, since AMD will probably start to refresh the product line very soon.
  2. I already built the new rig. I built a new machine in a Jan. I built a system with a Core I7 920 system with and HD 5770. So the C2D and the 3 gigs of ram are just laying around. I have an old X850XT in it but in another post I was told it won't handle the decoding on the hardware.

    So I'm just going to send over the C2D, mobo and and the 4350 since you say its good enough for a HTPC.
  3. Hi,

    will do the job fine, but you can get the updated 5450 too for 10$ more.

  4. i have a 4350 i use for PC's im connecting to TV's card works well except for gaming. I dont know about Blu-Ray but cirslevin's link looks good.
  5. I use an HD 4350 in my HTPC and watch lots of HD content and it works great. I even have it paired with a C2 e6850. It's a nice HTPC card.
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