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I bought one HP PAVILION dv6 with Windows 7. I connected to a paid wireless internet provider and our contract agreed that I can share this internet connection with two more systems. The two systems that I was suppose to share the connection has Windos XP and Vista installed on them. I'm connecting them with a wired D-LINK SWITCH and they are not connecting. Please, what will I do to get them connected.

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  1. Check out this article it should help you better understand what you can do to share the connection using Windows 7. The easier and better solution would be to purchase something like a Linksys, Belkin, or Netgear router.

    Windows 7 soultion (requires 2 network cards in your PC):

    Example of a Router that would solve your issue (many options here, this is only one example to get you started):
  2. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your quick response. The laptop is already conneted to a wireless Access Point. I connected a network cable form the LAN port to a D-LINK wired switch and from the switch to the system that has windows vista and it still not connecting. Anyware I still have a LINKSYS WIRELESS ROUTER. Please, could you profer a solution?
  3. 1) Do you get a link light on the D-link switch? (It may need a cross over cable)

    2) Does anything else work from the d-link switch?

    3) Does the Vista machine work when connected directly to the router / access point?

    You need to take steps to isolate the issue, is it the PC, the switch, or the router. Once you figure that out then you can focus in on fixing whatever is messed up.
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