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I was looking at hard drives for a computer build and I noticed 3.5" Sata III Hard Drives are a lot cheaper than 2.5" Sata III Solid Stated Drives. Is this because the SSDs can fit in laptops or is there a difference in performance. I notices both transfer files at 6gb/s. I'm just curious, throw out as much info as possible.
Thanks in advance !!

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  1. Read some articles at Tom's on SSDs. SSDs are about four times as fast as HDDs. Different technology involved. They don't both transfer data at 6 Gbps (giga BITS per second). That's the maximum speed of the interface, doesn't mean any drive actually delivers that speed. The SATA III interface speed of 6 Gbps is faster than any HDD can actually read or write, but SSDs are getting close to the bandwidth limit of the SATA III interface spec.

    A typical 1 TB HDD can deliver around 100 to 115 MB/s in my experience, while my SSD drives deliver 400 MB/s (that's mega bytes per sec, not bits) read speeds.
  2. If you can afford an SSD it is night and day difference from booting, to opening apps, to loading levels in games. I'll never go back...
  3. 1) SSDs are closer to 40+ X faster than a HDD, When looking at a OS + program drive. HDD typical access time is around 12->12.6 millisec while a SSD is about a tenth of a millisec. This results in a BIG diff on the important 4K random perfoformance

    2) Sata III HDDs is a marketing tool - Who wants to market a sata II. They are just saying it works on sata III. The ONLY benifit of a sata III HDD on SATA III port is in the SHORT lived burst speed. HDDs can not saturate a sata II inface for sustained throughput.

    That said: SSD will considerably speed up boot time and program loads and reading/writing files on the SSD. They DO NOT increase how fast a program runs, does not speed up internent broosing, nor email not downloads nor FPS in game play.

    The vast majority that use an SSD for a OS + program drive would NEVER go back to a mechanical HDD.

    But have to way cost as an SSD is just not cost effective to store a ton of Photos (jpeg/bitmap files) nor Movies. So you normally buy an SSD just for your OS + programs and a FEW games, then store all of your generated files on a HDD.

    Added: Then there are the Hybred drives which combines a Small SSD with a Mechanical HDD - For some this is a good option, just wish they would go with a larger SSD

    Also not just about speed, I find them more reliable, they normally draw less power. Smaller packaging is because they DO NOT need the volume of a 3.5" packaging and they only need +5 V where as 3.5" HDDs also require +12V
    PS older review as prices for SSD have come down (just under a buck per Gig)

    A little more on hybred drives:
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