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Gtx 295

Hey I have my Gtx 295 Ian I want to optimize the setting for gaming. When I am in the Nvidia Control Panel I am wondering what would be best to set the physx processing too GPU or Cpu? any help is greatly appreciated. by the way i have multi-gpu set too maximize 3d performance.
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    You would want that on gpu.
    They let you choose cpu, so you can see how much faster it runs using gpu imo.
    You can choose auto, and it will always use your gpu for physX acceleration.
  2. thats what I assumed but then I tried to figure out why they would let you use cpu.
  3. should I run one side dedicated or just let it auto?
  4. If there is a game that does not support sli, then dedicating one gpu would be a option.
    But if the game supports sli it will almost always run faster that way, taking resources away automatically to use for physX.
  5. alright cool thanks alot.
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