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Should i buy a new pc?

i have a intel core 2 quad Q8400,
2gb DDR2,
nvidia 250gts with 512mb
motherboard unknown but i know have only one PCI entrance and support 2 ram slots with 200 pins(DDR2 800mhz)

should i buy a new one(everything)
should i wait
should i upgrade this one
thanks and sorry for the lack of information
i cant find my manuals and i'm sort of a noob in this stuff
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    You can buy a new one, but that should be good enough for another year or so. You can easily buy a new PC for about 400 GBP (don't know US prices) which should surpass your one, but spend perhaps 600 GBP and you could have a PC which could last for a while.
  2. To answer that we need to know what is the main intended task current rig does ^^
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