Formatting 3tb drive to use in Esata and USB3.0 enclosure

I bought a welland turbo leopard 2 bay HDD dock.

But, it will not recognise 3tb drives previously formatted as GPT via an esata interface.

When I insert the 3tb esata formatted drive into the USB3.0 HDD dock, I get the message in disk management that the drive must be intialized. But, the drive works just fine when using eSata.

The opposite is true too -- if i format the drive as gpt via the USB3.0 dock, then, esata will not recognize it.

I am thinking the dock is at fault, but, is there anyway I can format a 3TB drive so it will be recognised in both eSATA AND usb3.0 docks?

My PC is win7 64bit, asus p8p67 mobo.
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  1. No answers? I'm going to return the dock as faulty.
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