This new UEFI thing looks nice because of it's eye candy gui but is it better than your good ol' BIOS?
And can we upgrade BIOS mobo's to uefi mobo's?
If so does it work with AMD's new 890FX / 890GX chipsets?(Asrock Extreme4 / Deluxe 4)


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  1. The interface defined by the EFI specification includes data tables that contain platform information, and boot and runtime services that are available to the OS loader and OS. UEFI firmware provides several technical advantages:[8]
    Ability to boot from large disks (over 2TB)
    Faster boot-up
    CPU-independent architecture
    CPU-independent drivers
    Flexible pre-OS environment, including networking support
    Modular design

    Thats all the pros from Wikipedia. It's a lot better in many ways!

  2. Its not something you can add to your motherboard. Feel free to purchase a motherboard running uefi but you'll need a 64 bit OS as 32bit support was dropped a long time ago iirc. Win7-64 does support uefi btw. Some uefi motherboards do have a compatibility module to emulate a bios and allow you to run other OS's but you lose the uefi features if you use it.
  3. You can't upgrade current BIOS boards over to UEFI.

    UEFI will become start to become mainstream once the full product lines (ie. LGA2011) for Intel/AMD CPUs get released this year. Motherboard manufactures will all probably switch to UEFI for their entire product lines by mid 2012/2013 or before. The release of 3TB and larger HDDs will pretty much spell the end of BIOS.
  4. Also I have heard that the UEFI is much faster and much more configurable than the good ol BIOS.
  5. Which mobos do you think supports UEFI?
  6. some server boards. I dont know of any desktop boards.
  7. All SB boards, although Gigabyte use the BIOS interface.
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