Problems with Unlocked Phenom II

I have a Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition on an Asus M4A87TD/USB3 board (cpu unlock ready).
The cpu is unlocked and now it's the Phenom X4 B55. (runs @ 3.2Ghz, native speed).
Computer runs without any problems whatsoever! All goes with normal temperatures also.
System is Windows 7 64bit.

The problem is the following - I started the computer yesterday and got a massage "3 Cores Activated" on the first screen, instead of 4 as always is written. I checked in Windows task manager, CpuZ, Speccy...
everywhere the same - 3 cores only.
Then I updated the Bios to the newest version, restarted the machine and everything was back
to normal. Computer reports "4 Cores Activated", Windows, CpuZ... everywhere, again - all 4 cores
are present.

My question is - what could be the problem?
What can couse such behavior?
Only thing changed to computer prior to the problem was installing the Prince of Persia :)

Thanx in advanced!!!!!
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  1. The reason they disable a core is because they may be faulty.

    When you decide to unlock a core you have to understand that it was disabled for a reason and any functionality you may get may not be optimal for what you are trying to achieve.

    This is especially true if you go from a X2 to X4.

    Just because something says you can unlock an extra core or 2 doesn't mean it will work.

    You will have to live with that your Phenom X2 may only be able to be a X3.
  2. Ok, thanx! I have a 3 year warranty for Unlocked CPU so if that's the case, I have a backup for few years.
    The CPU was unlocked by computer store.
  3. You say the cpu was unlocked was it fully tested for stability?

    Does it run with cool n quiet enabled or was a voltage increase needed for the unlock as many need this?

    Test the cpu by running OCCT for 1hr and Prime 95 for 8 hrs and monitor temps.
    If it fails either you know what your problem is. You will then need to start increasing voltages to gain total stability.

    You will need to monitor temps with occt / hwmonitor or speedfan, remember you won't get a reading for each core as unlocking screws up the temp sensors, you will need to run occt and watch which temps increase after 1 min, these will be you cpu temps and the ones you need to watch.
  4. @beanoslim

    Thanx A LOT!!!! I'll run all test you've wrote and check what's the bug.

    Maybe I'm having a problem with my low budget 500w PSU.
  5. Whats your psu make and model and rest of system specs?
  6. BlueBerry 500W PSU
    ASUS 5770 1Gb
    Kingston HypeX DDR3 4Gb
    WD 500Gb

    I noticed in Bios that the memory has vary bad latency so I figured it's because of low quality PSU.
  7. Is this it?

    Your setup should be fine on a decent 500w psu, the one above seems ok.

    You should set you mem timings and voltage manually to what it should be then test with memtest and occt.

    The psu shouldn't effect the memory.
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