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I only have 1 PCIE x16 slot available and I was wondering if the upcoming Asus Mars 2 video card would benchmark faster in Mafia 2 than my current 9600gt? Would the game run any smoother? I hope it will support 1280x1024 too. I would like to drive down to Bestbuy and pick one up if it costs around $350 or less. Will it have an LED fan? That would look great in my new lan party case I just bought.
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  1. The Asus Mars 2 is a dual GPU card powered by two fully clocked GTX 480's.

    That will be able to power games way above 1080 resolution, let alone 1280x1024. It will probably also cost about a thousand dollars as it is among the pinnacle of graphics card engineering. A better bet for your resolution would be a GTX 460, more than enough, available for about $220 i think.
  2. for LAN also have to worry about heat dissipation. a dual gtx 480 would put out way too much heat for that case.
  3. I also doubt the dual 480 would cost less then $350 probably more around 800+. Not to mention the power supply needed. I would go for a GTX 460 1GB.
  4. At such a low res I would be inclined to buy a monitor before upgrading the GPU..
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