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Hi, from past 20 days I am facing one problem with my keyboard. Sometimes, while working if I press any key then a continuous beep starts coming from the CPU, the system freezes. When I remove the keyboard cord and reboot my computer everything works fine. If start my computer again while keeping the keyboard plugged in, then a short beep comes from the CPU and system does not boots. The keyboard starts working after 4-5 hours and sometimes 1-2 days also, but again after sometime same problem emerges.I had checked my computer with an USB keyboard and didn't faced. any kind of problem. I want to know whether there is a problem with the keyboard or PS/2 port of keyboard.

Please reply soon. Thank you
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  1. Try using your keyboard in another pc, if the problem still occurs on that pc, its the keyboard,
    I suspect it is your ps2 port on the mobo more than the keyboard itself though,
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