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Hi all!

Do any of you know any good storage products? I'm looking for something that can store a lot of data that doesn't cost too much. Any recommendations would help!

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  1. what is a lot, and what is too much?
  2. Dat 320 tapes can do about 320GB per tape with compression. Drives aren't too bad either at 750-1500.

    Whats your budget and storage needs?
  3. I'm running a small 5 person company and I'm looking for storage for 10 TB of data. But my budget is less than $700
  4. That price point is too low for what you ar looking for. You will need at least a good quatly 4 disk NAS and with that storage capsity you are looking at about $900-$1000 at a minium.

    a good NAS for 5 users $530

    4 3 TB disks about 9 GB of storage (using SHR) $560

    1100 total and i think a good confguration for your use. if you go this route ensure you are using a Gigabit connection between your NAS and all computers in the network switch included.
  5. and don't forget backup. What kind of data are they? 10 TB is a lot of data. and to think $700 for the budget is just not enough.
  6. Thank you so much navalweaponsofficer and rgd1101. The data I'm storing are tons of emails, spreadsheets, lots of office related data. Do you have any other recommendations for me that I can compare those two links above? Thanks again!
  7. chugot9218 said:

    I saw the the same thing last night (my time). IFT_janling, you you could use this setup but it is about 1/4th the speed of the other setup. When moving that much data speed is very important (small files will write slower when moved in large quanaties). The Seagate NAS will read and write at about 27MBps, the Synoligy will read and write at about 100MBps, and when you have 5 users accessing that data the slower NAS will become very slow. Read about some of the NAS's at "small net builder" there is lots of information about NAS's and other storage solutions as well as benchmarks of other simular products.
  8. Yes, it depends on how quick access to that data needs to be, but at that budget, you are going to have to sacrifice speed or capacity. If speedy access is not necessary, get this and you can set it to replicate the necessary data on off hours so it does not interfere with your workers.
  9. Here are a couple other things to think about.
    How much space do you need right now? Is the 10TB to future proof? If you don't need much space now don't buy that much space. You can add and swap disks in the future to expand the volume of the drive. This does a couple of things lowers initial cost and allows you to have disks at different points in their lifespan improving the integrity of the array. Also if you have an unused computer at the office depending on the hardware in it you may be able to turn it into a file server then all you are paying for is the disks.
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