Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Hybrid Crossfire Capability

Trying to decide between 2 motherboards. THe Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 or the M4A89TD PRO/USB3. Very similar boards except the latter is 890fx while the former is 890gx. The 890gx has onboard video which is usually unessential for those who add graphics cards on but this one has a "hybrid crossfire" capability which supposedly can run a quasi-crossfire setup between the onboard video and your PCI Graphics card.

This would be nice if it actually worked, from what I've read only certain cards support this. I am planning on buying an ASUS HD5850 Graphics card, which I would assume would work because it is the same brand as the motherboard. I can't seem to find a list of cards that are supported by this Hybrid crossfire mode.

The 890gx board seems to be better all around, but I'm not sure why the 890fx is $50 more expensive.

If the hybrid crossfire won't work I'll get the 890fx (not crosshair) motherboard because the prices is about the same if I buy with a combo.

Just wanted some input.
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  1. the 5850 does not support hybrid crossfire. Just the old 3450 and 3470. It's a bad concept and I don't know why mobo's still even use the term.

  2. So the 890fx for the win?
  3. I like having the option to buy an additional 5850 a couple years down the road when I may need more graphical power and when the 5850 card is around ~$100.

    You're saying there would be no difference when crossfiring the 5850 between the 890gx & 890fx?

    The price difference is only $25 with newegg combos and shipping prices. So I just figured the 890fx was the best board available now.

    I was looking at the 870 evo but I'd like to have crossfire as an option.
  4. even with a much faster GTX 480, there is no difference in SLI between x8 and x16,2696-11.html
  5. So is the x16 crossfire support the only thing that makes the 890fx "better". I just figured I didn't need the onboard video of the 890gx, plus the 890fx supports DDR3 1600 RAM.
  6. Ok well I'm going with the M4A89TD, but Now i'm having a hard time finding compatible RAM. Corsair doesn't even list the M4A89TD on their configurator, they only list the M4A89GTD. Asus says that some memory might be compatible even if its not on their QVL... argh

    Just trying to find some good DDR3 1600 Memory with 7 or 8 Latency. preferably from Kingston or Corsair.
  7. I haven't heard anything good about GSkill lately, in fact some expert advisors from some other forums have said to avoid Gskill at the moment as they've been having some quality problems recently. I've always used kingston, but the corsair dominator would match my corsair PSU.

    Is PNY making good product now? I'm surprised to see editor's choice on that memory. Whenver I think PNY I always think wal-mart, but that could be empty bias on my part.
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