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I hope someone can share their thoughts and word of advice about my puzzled mind in this RAM issue.
I own an old (but good) HP XW9300 workstation with dual CPU configuration (Opteron 280).
I currently have 8GB of RAM and can upgrade up to 32GB.

My problem is:
I can only have 32GB on a lower 333MHz (PC2700) or 16GB on a higher 400MHz (PC3200).

Not comparing the costs but purely what is "best" or preferred configuration between the two options? - more RAM with less speed or more speed with less RAM?

This workstation is not for gaming, it's for 3D work - rendering, modeling texturing etc.

And if anyone ask why would I need more than 8GB, I'm maxing out because of huge textures I must use (16K).

Thank you in advance for your input!
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  1. i would say get more ram. more is better

    The speed doesn't make that big difference unless you start gaming.
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