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So i was just using my computer normally and then suddenly it crashed. The screen went black and everything stopped working. So i restart my computer and it couldnt boot to windows. This led me to think that something may be wrong with my ssd. So i went into bios and the computer had changed the first boot priority to my storage hdd (ssd has OS). So i switched the boot priorities around and booted up windows like normal. Everything seems fine at the moment but i would like to know if this has happened to anyone else, and also if this random crash meant that something is wrong with my ssd or possibly even other hardware. Any help will be appreciated thanks
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  1. I do not recall a similar thread in this section of the forum. Have you tried asking over in the motherboard section?

    What is the brand and model of your motherboard?

    What were you doing with your computer when it crashed?
  2. I thought this might have been an ssd issue which is why i asked it here. My motherboard is an Asrock z77 extreme 4 and ssd is intel 335 series 240gb. The computer crashed whilst i was watching a movie. I wasnt running any background tasks or anything. Is seatools safe to run for a ssd? It looks like it has been designed for hdd
  3. I did a little research. Turns out your motherboard is not one of the latest and greatest boards from ASRock. The board has more than its fair share of problems and issues. Fairly well documented. Biggest problem seems to be the cpu socket. Some of the pins in the socket might be bad and cause random failures.

    As for the BIOS resetting the primary drive, the most common problem is a sudden drop in voltage.

    The next question is what is the brand and model of your power supply?
  4. i used the intel ssd toolbox and it says the health of my ssd is 100%.

    My power supply is a Seasonic M12ii 650w
  5. Should be okay.
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