AMD x6 1090T recommended configuration

Hello experts,
I am trying to build my first AMD system.I am planning to go for x6 1090t with ASUS crossfire IV 890fx board.I need your recommendation for rest of the system configuration.

My Requirements
-I will be overclocking CPU to 4.0 or 4.2 ghz
-I am not planning to play any games but will be just running multiple vmwares instances at a same time.
- I am thinking to have 12GB DDR3 Ram in it

1)What brand of DDR3 is recommended for overclocked X6? Does 12 GB will play good with x6/890fx chip set or I need to go for 8GB or either 16GB ram? Can you please also let me know which one should I go for-1333/ 1600 /2000?
(I heard lot about G.skill but couldn't find specific 12 GB model made for x6)

2)Do I need high end graphic card for running Vmware or does this m/b comes with any inbuilt graphic chipset?if yes , any recommendations?

3)Do I need special CPU Cooler for overclocking or stock one will do good?

4)Any recommendations for power supply and ATX cabinet?

Thanks in Advance

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  2. Actually unless u need IOMMU on 890FX u have several options for IGP/AM3

    *880G/SB 710


    *880G/SB 850
    890GX/SB 850

    2nd group with native 6GB/s and USB 3.0 for the most part

    *More desired as per needs, no point paying for crazy 3-4 way CF option for your kindda rig/needs ^^
  3. Thanks for info.I might go with IOMMU based 890fx chipset

    Any recommendation for compatiable 12 GB memory with 890fx chipset?
  4. Hmm hit 2 x 4GB DDR3 1333 as they have a known good out of the box record with AM3?
  5. My understanding is you want to have as much RAM as possible for VMs. According to the parts guide in this section, it recommends DDR3 1333 in pairs of two. The lower the latency the better, so CAS 7 I suppose. So 3 X 2 X @GB would work fine I think.

    I think the 890FX with IOMMU is probably the best for using VMs. How are you going to implement the Virtual Machines?
  6. Hi guys ,
    I am confused between 1333 or 1600 from overclocking perspective?
    I am going for 16gb memory. I am trying to buy cl9 memory and use it with tight timing)
    Since Amd memory controller only support 1333 , Can I achieve tight timing with 1333 memory or I need to buy 1600 and then reduce bandwitch to get tighter timings i.e 7 ?

    Can you please also help me decide right memory brand
    My System
    AMD x6 1090t
    Asus Crosshair IV

    1333 memory
    corsair xms3 ---quantity-2

    quantity-4 (this doesn't have heat spread -do i need external memory cooler for this?)

    Should I go for 1600(will it help in

  7. Best answer
    Phenom II X6 and DDR3-2000: It’s Working!
    the key factor is the memory modules rather than the CPU you use

    Indeed, DDR3-2000 doesn't provide big performance benefits in real applications. Its average advantage over DDR2-1667 with the same timings is a mere 1-2%.
    The same goes for gaming applications.

    Well, the Phenom II X4 is indeed incompatible with DDR3-2000. The system wouldn’t pass the POST at that memory frequency but the G.Skill F3-16000CL7D-4GBFLS modules proved to be perfectly stable as DDR3-1910. Thus, Socket AM3-optimized memory works well with Phenom II X4 processors but shows best overclocking results with six-core Phenom II X6 products.
  8. Hi batuchka
    Thanks for reply.I will definitely go for gskill but unfortunately I don't have that much budget to go for 2000 as I am going for 16gb..Do you I should be ok to buy gkill 1600 9-9-9-24-2N and then tight the timing to 7-7-7-21?
  9. [Official] Asus CrossHair IV Formula/Extreme Club
    Mucho insights from owners w.r.t RAM/settings ^^
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