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I got a new computer equipped with a Radeon HD5450, which does support multiple monitors. But I can't find out what I need to enable it to run two 19" VGA-input monitors. The video card has one DVI port and one HDMI port. I see lots of mention of how an "active DisplayPort dongle" will be required if I want to run more than two monitors; but no one ever says how to run two monitors such as my two VGA monitors. Can anyone here tell me? (I have DVI-to-VGA adapters at my disposal.) TIA! - JR
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  1. I've answered my own question, for the most part. A friend suggested an HDMI-to-DVI adapter, which you can find on eBay for a couple of dollars. He had one that he didn't need and gave it to me, and it worked! Only thing was that it needed to be DVI monitors, not VGA monitors, because the HDMI port puts out only a digital signal. Fortunately I had matching 19" DVI monitors available, so everything is working.
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