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Gtx 460 768mb or 5770?

My wife is letting me have a budget of 170 and i want to get a good grahpics card intill the 6000 series comes out i wont crossfire intill the 6000 series comes out i would like to get a card now. The Resolution i game at is 1600*1200 i have a gigabyte 890fx Amd phenom ii x4 955 @ 3.6ghz the only games i want to play are Battlefield bad company 2 and Medal of Honor 2010 with no AA or AF would one of these cards max out these games? Which will give me best bang for buck? Thanks
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  1. For your resolution, either GTX460 468MB or HD5770 are good, get which one is cheaper...
  2. GTX 460 is better. i recomend you to get the 460.... and you might put it to sli in the future....
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    For your resolution,a 5770 suffices.
    However GTX 460 is significantly faster(especially with AA/AF enabled)
  4. GTX 460 all the way!
  5. just wanted to say thanks ordered evga gtx 460 768mb hope it does good
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