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I have a question, i am running a 30 port switch, i have wims stored on a server. what i am trying to do is to boot 30 notebooks over a network using one server that have wims stored on it. just need to know how to configure the network as all the notebooks will only be in DOS. you see i want to boot the wims off the server.please advise me as it seems as if i am doing something wrong. thanks in advance
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  1. I'm not familiar with wims but the network itself should be fairly normal just like any other network, except they will all need to be on the same vlan if you're using a managed switch. The key is that your server will need to be setup to provide bootp / dchp and your clients will be setup to boot off of the lan. When the client boots up it sends a request out on the lan and the server should pick it up from there to auto configure the client.
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