Ddr3 1600mhz and 2000mhz on the same motherboard at the same time?

I was wondering if it works to put in dual channel memory at 1600MHz and a dual at 2000MHz in the motherboard.
For exampel:

2*4GB RAM at 1600MHz
2*4GB RAM at 2000MHZ
in a Motherboard like Crosshair Formula IV.

Can BIOS make the motherboard use the 2000MHz at it fullest and at the same time use the 1600MHz at it fullest capacity?

Or do I have to downclock the 2000MHz>1600MHz?
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  1. The faster ram will slow to 1600MHz. Generally though it's best to use all matched RAM to avoid any possible issues.
  2. thnx :)
  3. The advertised RAM speed is what the actual RAM was tested to run at reliably - but this is NOT the default frequency the RAM boots at.

    It's worth noting that with DDR3 RAM especially, it is never recommended to mix RAM as often it simply will not function or will only function with errors.
  4. You could try overclocking the 1600 to 2000 but even Bulldozer only supports 1866.
  5. hi
    there is putton at some asus mobos if u bush it u can use any ram at the same time with out any conflict ( search for it at ur mobo (
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