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:sol: Hi guys

My pc is getting a bit slow, and so ive decided to plan in advance and look around for technology i can expect to find about this time next year. I will have just over about $1000 to spend, so im not looking at ultra high preformance, but i wld still like some high end stuff...
i wld like to build this gaming rig from home, as i have done it regularly before, so no pre-built systems plz.

i am not a fanboy of either intel, amd, ati ar nvidia-as long as price/preformance will be good.
i was looking at sandy bridge, as bulldozer will mainly be a server chipset, and im not going to use that many cores! i will ONLY USE THIS RIG FOR GAMING! i have a few parts i wld like to keep from my current pc, such as case and Windows 7, but otherwise its built from scratch!

Thanx in advance!!!
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  1. For around $1000 around this time next year, you can probably get an i7-950 build with a small (60GB) SSD and dual GPUs (GTX 470s or HD 6870s). Currently that build is priced around $1200-1400 so just factoring in price drops would be just around $1000.

    If you were to get it now, a $1000 build would be something along the lines of an i5-760 with a single top end GPU and a SSD or two GPUs.

    Can't say much about Sandy Bridge because of lack of info on the pricing. I'd assume they'd start out around $400 or more. You'd basically be paying a high premium for new technology that is not mature and may be full of bugs.

    It'd be best to start your research a month before and ask for build advice here a week or two before your purchase date. Asking a year ahead of time leaves much room for improvement and changes as newer technology comes out and prices drop. The originally build would probably be nothing like the build you'd end up purchasing. It's better to ask around closer to your purchase date.
  2. i know that its quite a long way away, but im just trying to get a rough estimate...
    also i need to figure out how much i need to save to buy them...
    thanx anyway!
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