GT210 Freezes/Hangs

I have a Pavilion p6180t which I bought refurb from HP.

For the first 100 days (length of the warranty) the device frooze once or twice.

After about 5 months, I have noticed freezing issues with my Nvidia GT210. If I am using my HDMI connection from my card to my TV, I notice that my video and audio freezes. If I am watching something on my DVI connected monitor with PC speakers, I notice that my video only freezes. When I removed my GT210 card and connected my monitor to my onboard video, I noticed no freeze ups.

I have installed the latest driver from Nvidia. This is happening all the time (during boot, 5 mins after boot, etc).

I have noticed that if I install the card after long periods of having it uninstalled, I can often play games and operate normally for hours (my best length of time would be 6 hours). Once the video card freezes, I notice this issue continues more frequently mostly before I even get to the login screen.

Since this issue could be power related, card related, or motherboard/slot related, I am looking for ways to eliminate and test the mentioned suspects. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Check for dust in the heatsink, you problem could possibly be heat related. If you don't already have it, download GPU-Z, and record your 210's temperatures. Please post the temperatures on idle (sitting at the desktop), and under load (playing games etc).
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