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I am looking for a system for photography (editing). I have been using my laptop for some time but it cant really handle what I am putting it through and the screen just isnt up to it.

So far my research tells me that I dont really need to be targeting a high end graphics card and the most important thing the moniter. Now I dont want to be hanging around waiting for my adobe programs to respond in fact I dont want to have any lagg.

to say I am confused is an understatment, there are so many systems out there and choices of moniter I just dont know where to go next?

can anyone recommend specs I should be looking for? and most importantly a moniter? so far I keep going back to the Dell 2208WFP???


Appreciate your help, oh and my budget is £700 MAX!!!!
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  2. For the most part image/photo configs u best go with a reasonably fast chip, lots of RAM and few software/apps actually take advantage of GPU tech/acceleration so best state your app/software of choice and also fill this up for us to better help ya ^^

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