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Will upgrading the graphics card on my aging system have an impact?

Hi, fellas. Well basically, I've got this aging rig that I've had for two years now.
It's a Phenom 9850 Quad Core BE @ stock speed of 2.5 ghz, with 4 gigs ddr 2 800, and a Radeon 4870. It still works pretty good on most games, but I was trying to play FFXIV, which is a beast with obscene system requirements,
and the most I could get was 10-20 fps even at the lowest settings.

The big question that I have is, will I see a performance increase by replacing the 4870 with a 5970? If I could get that frame rate up to a solid 30 fps at low even with the CPU bottleneck I would be more than happy. In general, will putting a high end gpu in a system with an outdated processor always be an unwise decision that will bring little benefit? Or would doing this actually help enough to give me the slight edge that is needed? Money is no object here, but if possible, I'd like to avoid replacing the CPU / mobo / ram so that I won't need to get another windows license and be forced reinstall all my programs, and custom settings. The computer is still working great for the most part, except for this one infernal game ^^
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    I would say your current system are decent enough to play any games recently with decent setting...
    What is your resolution?
    If you play at low resolution then it will be CPU demanding, so if you can OC your CPU to above 3.0GHz then you'll good to go.
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