Hitachi 3.5" HDD Clicking Noise after USB Unplugged

For some reason, this is very strange, I have never experienced this kind of issue with HDD before.

One of my friend was copying data on an External Hitachi 1TB HDD, connected to PC with USB, somehow one of the family member unplugged the USB. The data was not fully copied. When my friend powered off the HDD and reconnected, it started making continuous Clicking Noise.

I have tried connecting with USB and direct SATA to MOBO but same noise.
The PCB is not in Busy/Sleep mode, else the HDD Head wouldn't even start.
The Platters are running normal without any issue, smooth sound.
The Clicking Noise is not stopping, its continuous.

Any solution/suggestion?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. well I guess you didn't read the details I provided properly or may be I wasn't clear in my writing.
    The hard drive is USB External. Soon it was stopped and re-connected it started making clicking noise, which means its not readable. Its Hitachi hard drive. Clicking noise vary between HDD Companies, like WD HDD when makes clicking noise, its about to go bad and you can still recover the data, with Seagate they are known to make funny noises, with Hitachi its continuous beeping sound with no accessible.
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